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Social Groups

In Social Groups at All About Behavior, our approach is comprehensive, focusing not only on individual behaviors but also on the dynamics within social settings. Communication, play skills, and emotional regulation are pivotal areas we address, recognizing their interconnectedness and importance in fostering healthy social interactions.

* All Social Groups are Private Pay only 


Communication lies at the heart of social engagement, and we dedicate significant attention to enhancing communication skills within our groups. This involves not only verbal expression but also non-verbal cues, active listening, and understanding social cues to effectively convey thoughts, feelings, and intentions.

Play skills are fundamental for building rapport, fostering cooperation, and developing friendships. Through structured activities and guided play experiences, we facilitate opportunities for our peers to engage in collaborative and imaginative play, encouraging creativity, flexibility, and problem-solving.

Emotional regulation is a cornerstone of social competence, enabling individuals to manage their emotions adaptively in various social contexts. We provide strategies and tools to help our peers recognize, express, and regulate their emotions constructively, promoting resilience and positive social interactions.

Incorporating Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) values enriches our program by emphasizing mindfulness, acceptance, and values-driven action. By cultivating present moment awareness and acceptance of internal experiences, individuals learn to respond flexibly to social challenges and align their actions with their personal values, enhancing psychological well-being and fostering meaningful connections with others.

Furthermore, integrating Social Emotional Learning (SEL) principles complements our approach by promoting self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making. These competencies provide a foundation for navigating social complexities, building empathy, and cultivating healthy interpersonal relationships.

In essence, our Social Groups at All About Behavior provide a comprehensive framework for developing essential social skills and promoting psychological resilience, drawing from evidence-based practices such as ACT and SEL to empower individuals to thrive in diverse social settings.

Our Age Groups

Each group will have a minimum of 3 participants. Our groups progressively reinforce skills learned from prior sessions and consistently incorporate age-appropriate skills across all age ranges. Below are examples of the areas of focus for each age group!

2 - 4 year olds 

  • ​Pretend Play​

  • Identifying Emotions

  • Turn Taking

  • Parallel Play

  • Calming Strategies

9 - 12 year olds 

  • Flexibility

  • Self -Awareness

  • Responsible Decision Making

  • Problem Solving 

  • Coping Strategies

5 - 8 year olds 

  • Sharing

  • Initiating peer interactions

  • Maintaining Personal Space

  • Emotional Regualtion

  • Identifying Body Language

13 - 16 year olds 

  • Social Expectations

  • Conflict Resolutions

  • Independence From Adults

  • Task Execution

  • Emotional Control

17 year old & up 

  • Time Management

  • Executive Functioning (Systematic Thinking)

  • Social Media Safety

  • Organizational/Planning Skills

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